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Published: 21.11.2022


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Zhuwei Lu focuses on the possibilities between metals, she enjoys experimenting with different techniques to explore metals, such as electroforming, casting, or soldering.
Zhuwei Lu Zhuwei Lu


Zhuwei Lu was born in a suburb of Shanghai, China. After graduating from high school, she went to college in Wuhan to learn the traditional Chinese art of lacquer. After college, she chose to pursue her dream of becoming a jewellery designer and she came to the United States to study jewellery design at the Savannah College of Art and Design. The new world gave her a broader mind and she learned more techniques such as electroforming, a technique she was attracted to because it transforms the intangible into the tangible and grows a very interesting texture, and she gradually came up with her own philosophy of jewellery design through trial and error.


The works of Zhuwei Lu focus on the possibilities between metals, she enjoys experimenting with different techniques to explore metals, such as electroforming, casting or soldering, and she is happy to work with even the most basic metals such as copper, brass, and bronze.

Zhuwei Lu used to study lacquer making, a relatively traditional and tedious handicraft. Electroforming, as she has chosen to do now, is a process in which copper ions are replaced on the piece, layer by layer, and eventually grow into a complete piece of jewellery. In contrast to the common way of processing jewellery by subtracting some parts from the original material to form the final shape, electroforming and lacquer making are both additive processes, which add material to the original piece to achieve the desired form; this is what ties the present and past jewellery designs of Zhuwei Lu’s work together.

In Zhuwei Lu's previous work, she simply studied copper and used electroforming as a technique but was more interested in the form of the design. However, she also wanted her work to be exploratory and diverse. This deceptively simple metal has a strong attraction for Zhuwei Lu, whose work aims to explore the transformation amongst metals. She chose the technique of electroforming to illustrate the process of transformation, in which copper ions flow in solution and adhere to another surface, forming textures that are uncontrollable which in turn create more possibilities.
Zhuwei Lu continues to create her jewellery in the direction of contemporary jewellery, which belongs to the current era, using the simplest and most rustic materials for research. Basically, Zhuwei uses only copper as a base metal material and electroforming as a technique. The electroforming solution is recyclable, and the current used in electroforming is very low. Therefore, the whole process of electroforming is very simple. However, it can also create very interesting patterns and effects. After studying electroforming for a while, she was no longer satisfied with one technique and tried to fuse the electroformed copper and wax to perform multimetal casting, which resulted in very interesting textures and shapes.

Zhuwei Lu's research on metal will not stop. She will do more different research and experiments and will explore more in terms of forms. By studying the properties of different metals and combining them with other non-traditional materials, she will explore the techniques of processing and transformation in order to expect to make breakthroughs not only in materials and techniques, but also broaden people's perception of contemporary jewellery design through creation.

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