Terra di Mezzo: il Gioiello Contemporaneo incontra il Mediterraneo

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Published: 22.07.2009
Terra di Mezzo: il Gioiello Contemporaneo incontra il Mediterraneo.
Ivan D'Alberto, Maria Gabriella Felizzi, Fabrizio Tridenti
Text by:
Fabio Pietrangeli, Nicola Mattoscio, Ivan D'alberto, Rita El Khayat, Rita Marcangelo, Bianca Cappello
Edited at:
Technical data:
44 pages, full colour images, text in Italian and English, ring bound, soft cover, 15 x 21.5 cm
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On the occasion of the Mediterranean Games of Pescara 2009, the Institution Castello e Museo delle Arti di Nocciano presented the exhibition event Terra di Mezzo – il Gioiello Contemporaneo incontra il Mediterraneo.
31 authors from the 23 countries participating in the Games presented a collection of Contemporary Jewellery artworks.


The artists that have joined the project are:
Amandine Meunier (Morocco), Estela Saez Vilanova (Spain), Marc Monzó (Spain), Yiannis Siotis (Greece), Ljudmila Stratimirovic (Serbia), Anda Klančič (Slovenia), Alidra Alic Andre de la Porte (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Ramon Puig Cuyàs (Spain), Augousta Themistokleous (Cyprus), Constantinos Kyriacou (Cyprus), Polytimi Nikolopoulou (Greece), Adrean Bloomard (Italy), Rallou Katsari (Greece), Selen Ozus (Turkey), Maud Traon (France), Sophie Robbe (France), Rana Mikdashi (Lebanon), Frederic Braham (France), Nenad Roban (Croatia), Pilar Cotter Nuñez (Spain), Ammal Labib (Egypt), Marijana Zebelijan (Montenegro), Petra Bole (Slovenia), Natasa Grandovec (Slovenia), Romi Bukovec (Slovenia), Fabrizio Tridenti (Italy), Giovanni Sicuro (Italy), Maria Rosa Franzin (Italy), Mirjana Rankovic (Serbia), Rossella Tornquist (Italy), and Maurizio Stagni (Italy).

This initiative is supported by the Municipality of Nocciano and PescarAbruzzo Foundation.
The event has received the patronage fromAGC, Association of Contemporary Jewellery.
Curated by Ivan D'Alberto in collaboration with Fabrizio Tridenti and Maria Gabriella Felizzi
Translated by Giorgio Tomasi 
"In fact, the Mittel European area, a pioneer in art research and design of contemporary jewels, has imposed itself for more than half a century as a strong and consolidated aesthetic and cultural model. In comparison with this more structured context, the situation in Southern European and Northern African countries is much more recent and for this reason more unstable and variegated. In this area, research on contemporary jewels is recent or even new and often both promotion support and educational organisations for its development are totally missing. There are several reasons to this, which are explained by the historical and cultural contexts of each country."

from Contemporary Jewels in the Mediterranean. The beginning of a Consideration, Bianca Cappello 

The exhibition catalogue includes the contributions by:
Rita Marcangelo – president of the Contemporary Jewellery Association (AGC) ,
Bianca Cappello – art historian from Milan,
Rita El Khayat – awarded with the Palma per la Pace and official patroness of the Mediterranean Games
Ivan D’Alberto, director of the MAAAC of Nocciano.

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© By the author. Read Copyright.
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© By the author. Read Copyright.