2ndSKIN Cork

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Published: 05.10.2007
2ndSKIN Cork.
Ellen Maurer-Zilioli
Barbara Schmidt
José Bártolo
ESAD, Matosinhos, DesignLocal
Edited by:
ESAD, Matosinhos and DesignLocal
Edited at:
Santa Maria da Feira
Technical data:
110 pages, colour illustrations, hard cover in cork
Out of print

From the anthropological point of view, a jewel is a symbolic mediator and also a temporary human 2ndSKIN with which identities and difference can be expressed, performing a personal public image.
This publication, with a hard cover in cork, is the catalogue 2ndSKIN Cork Jewellery travelling exhibition.

- Preface by Ana Campos
- Texts by: Ellen Maurer-Zilioli, José Bártolo and Barbara Schmidt
- Jewellery works from: Carla Castiajo, Eija Mustonen, Kadri Mälk, Leonor Hipólito, Manuel Vilhena, Pedro Sequeira, Ramon Puig Cuyàs, Tanel Veenre, Theo Smeets, Ana Andrade, Suzana Rezende, Vânia Moreira, Ana Sofia Guimarães, André Rocha, Catarina Silva, Gisela Ribeiro, José Carlos Marques, Liliana Gonçalves, Mafalda Vale, Marlene Meireles, Marta Campos, Marta Santos, Rita Garcês, Sara Costa, Tânia Sofia Nunes, Jurijus Poska and Tõnis Malkov.

This publication includes interesting texts and reflections about jewellery. Ecstasies and Phantasms – the Artificial Physiognomy of the Body in the Form of Jewellery or: “a new body language”, by Ellen Maurer-Zilioli. Surfaces and deepness: a reflection about body and jewel, by José Bártolo. Tools for Problem Zones (?) – Design and Design Management, by Barbara Schmidt
It shows works done in February 2007 during a symposium at ESAD, where the above mentioned guest jewellery artists participated. It also includes jewels from graduated and current students from ESAD as well as foreign students.
A travelling exhibition shows their works in several European cities. This exhibition started its itinerancy in Santa Maria da Feira, Portugal. From 2007 and 2008 it will go on to Villa Bengel, Idar-Oberstein, Germany, in JOHAN S. Gallery, Helsinki, Finland, in ETDM-Aplicated Arts and Design Museum, Tallinn, Estonia, Ra Gallery, Amsterdam, The Netherlands and in Artesania Catalunya, Barcelona, Spain. 

Graphic Design: Diogo Vilar and Miguel Salazar
Photography: Paulo Carvalho