Beyond material. Innovative jewellery and design

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Published: 11.01.2007
Beyond material. Innovative jewellery and design.
Galerie Lous Martin
Text by:
Lous Martin, Liesbeth den Besten
Edited by:
Lous Martin/Stichting Sieraad en Vormgeving
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83 pages, text in Dutch and English
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(...) For the occasion of the tenth anniversary... Lous Martin set herself the aim to stimulate designers, and in particular jewellery designers, to look further than the customary lines (...)

The research of innovative materials or techniques by independent designers and jewellery designers is not as obvious as it seems, though in the first gropu is more common than in the second group. In recent years, more and more fascinating innovative materials have been put on the market, often as a result of eminent technological research (for example in space, travel or sports technology), but also as a result of research undertaken by designers who do not make do with the most plausible existing solutions (...)
Liesbeth den Besten