Bruno Martinazzi. L'Oro e la Pietra

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Published: 21.12.2007
Bruno Martinazzi. L'Oro e la Pietra.
Ellen Maurer Zilioli
Karl Bollmann
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Arnoldsche Art Publishers
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112 pages, hardback, 60 illustrations in colour, text in English, German and Italian, 17 x 25 cm
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A distinctive and personal publication on Bruno Martinazzi, one of the outstanding artists of 20th-century Italy – and a new analytical discussion of his work.
Gold and Stone

The important lecture Bruno Martinazzi gave in Munich in 2005 – attesting impressively to his profound knowledge of art in the context of Humanist, philosophical, historical and religious thinking – is at the core of this new publication on the Italian “poet-goldsmith” and is the starting point for analyses
by Ellen Maurer Zilioli and Karl Bollmann.

The authors base their discussion of the artist’s work in jewellery and sculpture on his talk. In so doing, they follow up the clues left by Martinazzi, and the sources he has drawn on for inspiration and relate them with the contemporary environment as well as the ancient, religious, and mythological origins of his motifs and their transformation into the modern language of forms. Thus the book opens up new horizons for the reception of international auteur jewellery and its indissoluble links with other fields of art and design. His most important pieces, past and present, are stunningly exemplified by illustrations of selected objects.

The new book represents, therefore, an invaluable supplement to Schmuck/ Gioielli/ Jewellery 1958-1997, brought out ten years ago by ARNOLDSCHE Art Publishers on Bruno Martinazzi, and updates it with numerous new post-1997 works – jewellery and sculpture – by Martinazzi.