Bruno Martinazzi

Published: 23.05.2024


Born in Turin in 1923, from a cultured family, aware early on of the cultural heritage of italianità, of its message and significance between references to Antiquity and modern commentary, filled with a curiosity for painting, music and reading, engaged as a young partisan against the fascist regime, a half-orphan on account of losing his father as a child and later his beloved sister – it was under these auspices that the course was set for a very special kind of creativity and ethical stance. His fields of creativity include relief, sculpture, jewellery, and written forms of expression.


I believe that my actions are searching for signs to be able to grow, to become more humane and free, to bear witness with art to man as the being that can wrest something from the panta rhei (flowing of everything, Heraclitus), from coming into being, something that cannot expire, something with which heaven becomes more buoyant.

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Exhibition  19 Nov 2021 - 13 Feb 2022  Bruno Martinazzi. An Artist Philosopher in Jewelry.
Exhibition  28 Feb 2019 - 23 Mar 2019  In Memoriam of Bruno Martinazzi.
Exhibition  10 Mar 2018 - 03 Jun 2018  Jablonec 68. First International Silver Smithing Symposium.
Exhibition  17 Nov 2017 - 28 May 2018  Jewelry of Ideas: Gifts from the Susan Grant Lewin Collection..
Exhibition  10 Mar 2017 - 07 May 2017  Private Confessions. The Drawings of Jewellery Artists.
Exhibition  09 Mar 2017 - 08 Apr 2017  Hommage to Manfred Bischoff.
Exhibition  17 Dec 2011 - 25 Feb 2012  Piccole Sculture.
Exhibition  22 Sep 2006 - 22 Oct 2006  Preziosa 2006: No-Body Decoration.

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