Private Confessions. Drawing & Jewellery

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Published: 17.11.2016
Private Confessions. Drawing & Jewellery.
Ellen Maurer Zilioli
Michael Buhrs, Carin Reinders, Museum Villa Stuck
Text by:
Beat Wyss
Edited by:
Arnoldsche Art Publishers
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Hardcover. 240 pp., 21 x 27 cm, 181 colour illustrations
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Inner pages of the book.
Inner pages of the book

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The current publication addresses the significance and role of drawing in art jewellery for the very first time: as an additional dimension, as a second main-stay and as a partner of jewellery. It thereby opens up a completely new chapter not only for the reception of but also the reflection of contemporary art jewellery
Drawing within art jewellery reveals much about its fertile production; in it, creative impulse manifests itself: as spon-taneous gestures, in the kindling of the initial idea, but also in the fi nal design. It reveals a personal signature prior to it being altered and disciplined through material and styling. And at the same time, it calls for recognition as autonomous valency: as an artistic contribution to the process, as a conceptual extension or aesthetic memorandum - and frequently also as an independent work.
In Private Confessions this factor is taken into account in a comprehensive publication: thirty-six artists in jewellery grant insight into their work processes, allow the observer in their drawings - and a number of juxtaposed jewellery pieces - to partake in conceptual forays, experiments and the discovery of their entirely distinct aesthetics.

The publication follows neither chronological nor encyclopaedic aspiration. Like a hidden treasure, the drawings and sketched notes were unearthed and examined. Rhythm, weighting and balance determine the sequence of the extensive illustrated section. Occasionally a dialog appears, then a juxtaposition once more. A broad panorama emerges, spanning from the minimally reduced gesture via baroquely narrative opulence to the total fusion of drawing and jewellery sculpture. Contributions by renowned authors examine the diverse approaches and locate the relationship of drawing and art jewellery in the theory of and history of art.

Text in English and Germany

Featured artists:
Giampaolo Babetto, Jamie Bennett, Franz Bette, Doris Betz, Manfred Bischoff, Helen Britton, Claus Bury, Anton Cepka, Peter Chang, Eva Eisler, Ulo Florack, Thomas Gentille, Mielle Harvey, Kirsten Haydon, Margit Jäschke, Hermann Jünger, Daniel Kruger, Winfried Krüger, Otto Künzli, Alba Polenghi Lisca, Fritz Maierhofer, Bruno Martinazzi, Manfred Nisslmüller, Karen Pontoppidan, Wolfgang Rahs, Ruudt Peters, Jacqueline Ryan, Bernhard Schobinger, Henriette Schuster, Pedro Sequeira, Hubertus von Skal, Robert Smit, Despo Sophocleous, Graziano Visintin, Norman Weber, Annamaria Zanella.


Exhibition venues:
CODA Museum, Apeldoorn (NL), until 8.1.2017
Museum Villa Stuck, Munich (DE), 10.3.-7.5.2017
Table of Contents.
Table of Contents

© By the author. Read Copyright.
Inner pages of the book.
Inner pages of the book

© By the author. Read Copyright.
Inner pages of the book.
Inner pages of the book

© By the author. Read Copyright.
Inner pages of the book.
Inner pages of the book

© By the author. Read Copyright.