Helfried Kodré

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Published: 11.01.2007
Helfried Kodré.
Ellen Maurer Zilioli
Karl Bollmann
Wolfgang Prohaska
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Arnoldsche Art Publishers
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96 pages, full colour images, text in English and German
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Focus on the past fifteen years of Kodré's work with illustrations and essays written by experts in the field.
Helfried Kodré is a pioneering Austrian exponent of contemporary art jewellery. He learned goldsmithing in the 1960s while studying art history and worked at first with Elisabeth Defner, to whom he was married at the time. From the mid-1970s Kodré abandoned goldsmithing for a while but after a rather lengthy break, in which he taught at university, he re-emerged in the early 1990s as a jewellery artist.

At the outset of his career, his formal bent was towards natural symbolism and organic allusions. Since the early 1990s an entirely different aesthetic informs his work: articulation that is anything but ambivalent, the precision of design, and formal language. In the work Kodré has produced in the past fifteen years, on which this publication focuses, the play of volumes and their exciting relationships predominates in a rhythm of expansion, opening, and overlapping.

The book centres on the second phase of Kodré’s career from 1990. It also traces his development as an artist from the 1960s. Featuring numerous colour illustrations and essays written by experts in the field.

Ellen Maurer Zilioli: Helfried Kodré - Structural Design.

Wolfgang Prohaska: An artistic profile of Helfried Kodré.

Karl Bollmann: Why Jewellery?.

The work of Helfried Kodré 1990-2006.

Appendix with biography, collections, exhibitions, awards, and bibliography.