Thinking of you (Portraits)

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Published: 26.01.2009
Thinking of you (Portraits).
Benjamin Lignel
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Offset lithograph on paper (double sided), 99 x 54 cm unfolded, 16.5 x 27 folded
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Benjamin Lignel
Detail of the inner view.
Detail of the inner view

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“Thinking of you (portraits)” is a series of brooches that reproduces the ear of the user, or that of the user’s partner / friend/child etc.: each brooch is designed to order, and strives to render, much as a portrait painting would, the specific features of the sitter’s ear. It finds its inspiration in the Victorian hairwork popular towards the end of the 19th century.
This poster was published on the occasion of the schmuckszene 2008 exhibition (Munich).
Self-publication has a prickly charm: it is generally viewed as illegitimate self-promotion, and goes by the name of 'Vanity publication' in art circles. It does, however, have a exciting history: the more interesting POSTERS created in the 60s and 70s were designed, published and often distributed freely by artists themselves. The general idea was that one could bypass the usual promotion and distribution networks, and the normative stamp of authority delivered by publishers, galleries and museums, and release material in its rawest, unadulterated from. It also meant that their authors could infiltrate the home of whomever they chose, by simply shipping the goods into their letterbox.
This idealistic notion and my incorrigible fascination for printed matter encouraged the publication of oversized posters, featuring work that I feel benefits from this larger format.

In accordance with spirit that informed their publication, I will take money for them, but also accept to swap them for their equivalent in square metres of paper, chosen from your own SELF publications. Vive le papier!