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Exhibition  /  12 Apr 2007  -  01 May 2007
Published: 02.04.2007
Gallery Deux Poissons
Tomohiko Mori
Marc Monzó. Brooch: 1 mm, 2006-2007. Gold 18k, laquer, steel. Marc Monzó
Brooch: 1 mm, 2006-2007
Gold 18k, laquer, steel
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In his new work, Marc Monzó answers (...) to the requirement of materializing one spot, one concentration (...)

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Marc Monzó

Marc Monzó about his work


These brooches are built joining various pieces of 1mm x 1cm gold and are afterwards painted. They are little symetric compositions that answer to the requirement of materializing one spot, one concentration. To my point of view, this practice has always been usual in the jewellery world. These brooches make reference to the thin and stylized needles that were made to hold a handkerchief or ornament a cloth.


Mini Chain is a group of pendants in which a welded thin chain runs around simple geometrical shapes.

“Double and Triple”

“Double and Triple” is the title of a brooch collection, in which every piece is composed by two or three geometrical shapes, being the same size and one on top of the other.
It is an aesthetic exercise where volume plays with colour to confuse our perception.

“Big Solitaire Brooch”

Since I started studying jewellery, I have been very attracted to solitaires. I consider it to be a perfect item, with its circle and its stone. It’s the atom of jewellery.
This brooch was thought to use the image of a solitaire as a symbol. Des-contextualized.

“Hoops Collection”

I usually feel that objects are connected and depend on each other. It is a great feeling. From time to time, this thought comes to my mind while I am working in my atelier. I enjoy myself looking at the objects around me and identifying the dialogues that exist between them.
When this happens, I need to point it out with an element, a symbol. It is then when I decide to put identical silver hoops to these objects that are apparently influencing each other. This hoops are welded and can not be torn apart. Its surface is polished as a mirror and this creates a confusion, like a magic trick. This work results in a group of objects and jewels that inhabit my atelier as a big family.
Marc Monzó. Pendant: Minichain, 2006-2007. Gold plated silver. Marc Monzó
Pendant: Minichain, 2006-2007
Gold plated silver
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Marc Monzó. Brooch: Double and Triple, 2006-2007. Silver, laquer, steel. Marc Monzó
Brooch: Double and Triple, 2006-2007
Silver, laquer, steel
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Marc Monzó. Brooch: Big solitaire, 2006-2007. Silver, circonia, steel. Marc Monzó
Brooch: Big solitaire, 2006-2007
Silver, circonia, steel
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Marc Monzó. Bracelet: Untitled, 2006-2007. Silver, plastic. Hoops collection. Marc Monzó
Bracelet: Untitled, 2006-2007
Silver, plastic
Hoops collection
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