Allison Explores the Daphne Krinos Collection

Exhibition  /  13 Oct 2020
Published: 13.10.2020
Daphne Krinos. Necklace: Articulated Rectangle, 2020. Oxidized sterling silver, 18 ct yellow gold.. 49.53 x 1.57 cm. Photo by: Patina Gallery. Daphne Krinos
Necklace: Articulated Rectangle, 2020
Oxidized sterling silver, 18 ct yellow gold.
49.53 x 1.57 cm
Photo by: Patina Gallery
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Emotive jewels are indelible works of daring, distinct beauty. Patina Gallery’s Allison Barnett reveals a new, curated collection by esteemed British artist, Daphne Krinos. Inspired by London’s urban landscape before her, Krinos evolves visions of skyscrapers, fences, and scaffoldings into wearable works of art.