Emu, twist again: news from the inback

Exhibition  /  29 Jul 2008  -  23 Aug 2008
Published: 15.08.2008
Gallery Funaki
Barbara Schrobenhauser. Brooch: CУBEHИP, 2008. Chipboard, wood glue, stainless steel. Barbara Schrobenhauser
Brooch: CУBEHИP, 2008
Chipboard, wood glue, stainless steel
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A survey of works by current students of Otto Künzli at the Academy of Fine Art, Munich.
Emu - twist again: news from the Inback

In West Australia there is a beer called Emu beer, and written on the side of the cap is twist. 

Musing on Australian memories Otto Künzli writes;

Somewhere deep in my brain I found those images of the running Emus in front of our car (when Therese an I went to the Outback) and how wise it was to follow your instructions to slow down, even stop, which doesn't always help, because the Emus stop also, and as soon as one starts driving slowly they start to twist and dance and run in front and beside the car, well you know what I am talking about it is really crazy and sometimes an endless game, funny, strange but it also reminded me of ourselves a lot: lost in art, not making sense, but extremely committed!!!

I thought about a subtitle because "Emu - twist again" as main title is very poetic and I really like it, but maybe it needs a little help on the side. I don't know how it happened but I guess my thoughts were still in the Outback. I immediately knew that there is no way to move even further out there, but maybe somehow in the opposite direction: Darren Aronofsky talking about his movie entitled Pi (1998) said: ‘I think the public has seen everything getting blown up - spaceships, the star of death, even our earth. What people are interested in more recently, is the exploring of feelings, what is going on inside of a human. Outer space is dead. Inner space is the name of the next journey". I recognised the connection with our title but I like that our title is much more open.

Indeed we, in my department, will not change our working attitude. It has always been a combination of external experiences, of researches, of exploring the nature, the cities the society and of internal reflections, of feelings. I myself am convinced that a trip to the outback is (not always but often) a journey to something deep inside in us.

Emu - twist again: news from the Inback.
I do like the balance between the main title and the subtitle. If I would write about this, I guess the subtitle would give me more food to think about. And that is fine, good. The main title is like the bottle opener, the subtitle is the content. It is a good mixture of very diverse things, idea, contents, etc. 

Doris Betz is coordinating the second exhibition by the students studying with Professor Otto Künzli at the Academy of Art Munich at Gallery Funaki. A selection of work by current students, some with a single work, several students more than one piece. They journey from around the world and back again.