Isometrics by Hyun-Seok Sim

Exhibition  /  01 Jul 2023  -  02 Jul 2023
Published: 30.06.2023

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Espace Borax is pleased to present the work of Korean jeweler and designer Hyun-Seok. Surrounded by his cats and his dog, he creates stunning trompe-l’oeil jewelry, reminiscent of emoticons or minimalist computer-drawn logos.

Artist list

Hyun-Seok Sim
In Hyun-Seok Sim's work each piece is made up of a number of elements, entirely hand-crafted and then welded together with great precision. He has also created perfectly functional cameras entirely in silver, as well as kitchen utensils and tools.

Hyun-seok was born in 1972 and began learning metal crafts at a vocational high school in 1987. He entered the Crafts Department at Konkuk University in 1990 and received systematic training in metal crafts. In 1992, he worked as an assistant to artist Woo Jin-Soon and received apprenticeship training. After graduating from college in 1995 with a BFA, he worked as a metal crafts artist in South Korea for two years before moving to Canada in 1997. He earned his MFA at Nova Scotia College of Art and Design from 1998 to 2000. After graduating from graduate school in 2000, he returned to Korea and began working as a metal crafts artist, holding solo exhibitions in Japan, Sweden, and Australia.

Opening: 24th June 2023
Dates: From 24th to 25th June and from 1st to 2nd July
Schedule: From 1-6 p.m