One: Craft and Art. FROOTS documenta

Exhibition  /  28 Jul 2018  -  30 Nov 2018
Published: 30.07.2018
Kim Buck. Pendant: Lifesaver, 2014. Cork, polyester, acrylic, metal.. 9 x 49 cm (with string). Kim Buck
Pendant: Lifesaver, 2014
Cork, polyester, acrylic, metal.
9 x 49 cm (with string)
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FROOTS Documenta is a tribute to Kassel Documenta. The participants in this exhibition are 14 outstanding artists from Israel, Germany, New Zealand, Italy, Ireland, Denmark and the United States. All the artists actively and fully involved in the preparation of the exhibition, from the development and presentation of exhibition themes to the creation of their artworks. They offered their generous support to FROOTS Gallery, unreservedly investing their valuable time and sending their extraordinary works of art from around the world.