Philip Sajet: Latour-De-France

Exhibition  /  01 May 2009  -  17 May 2009
Published: 24.04.2009
Villa de Bondt
Philip Sajet. Necklace: Bloedkoraal, 2009. Coral, red glas, gold. Philip Sajet
Necklace: Bloedkoraal, 2009
Coral, red glas, gold
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"Beauty knows many forms, I don't know them all."

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Philip Sajet
“Philip Sajet originates from an artisanal tradition and elaborates on it further for himself, not denying his roots and standing by the applied aspect of his profession. I consider that to be strong and appealing. He is one of the most conscientious and interesting people working in jewellery.”

Dorothea Prühl