Selected Solo by Kaori Juzu

Exhibition  /  24 Sep 2015  -  22 Oct 2015
Published: 28.09.2015
Kaori Juzu. Brooch: Rocksvision series # 2, 2015. Enamel, copper, silver. Photo by: Mindgap. From series: Rockvision 2. Kaori Juzu
Brooch: Rocksvision series # 2, 2015
Enamel, copper, silver
Photo by: Mindgap
From series: Rockvision 2
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Creating jewellery is a completely open process, where shapes, colours and sizes meet and interact. This process unfolds in a constant dialogue between hand, metal and enamel. Selected Solo, an exhibition of enamel jewellery by Kaori Juzu.