Time in Us: The Communication Potential of Contemporary Jewellery by Jana Machatová and Peter Machata

Exhibition  /  07 Nov 2019  -  05 Jan 2020
Published: 28.10.2019
Peter Machata. Pendant: Relic, 2016. Silver, Corian.. Photo by: Peter Ančic. Peter Machata
Pendant: Relic, 2016
Silver, Corian.
Photo by: Peter Ančic
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This exhibition represents the creative output of Slovak artists who are gradually approaching middle age and belong with the so-called “Generation of Husák’s children”. The jewellery objects designed by Jana and Petr Machata are accompanied by photographs made by Petr Ančic. Each one of this trio of artists reflects their childhood lived against a prefab housing skyline. The selection of fifty pieces of jewellery that maps out two decades of the artists’ work documents the power of jewellery to carry a message.