Exhibition  /  21 Mar 2018  -  21 Apr 2018
Published: 08.03.2018
Gitte Bjorn. Piece: Love sounds, 2018. Silver with German-silver comb inside.. Ring - Pendant. Gitte Bjorn
Piece: Love sounds, 2018
Silver with German-silver comb inside.
Ring - Pendant
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A diamond caught up in a cloud, an imposing, yet light chain, a buoy-shaped pendant that would sink, some jewels seem helium-charged, while others are weighty.
Jewellers are blurring the tracks ...
Be delightfully surprised to discover that light is heavy and heavy is light, and to question the concept of “precious”...
The gallery stages these trompe l'oeil jewels, starting on March 21st, with the complicity of 5 European designers.