Gitte Bjørn

Published: 29.03.2023


Gitte Bjørn, born in 1965 and a Danish citizen, is a skilled goldsmith trained (1986-1990). With a design education at the Institute for Precious Metals (1991-1993), she both worked on a contract basis with Georg Jensen and had a workshop shop in the old part of Copenhagen. For the last 25 years, she has concentrated on teaching, combined with unique items for exhibitions and competitions. Gitte has previously taught professionals at her vocational school and now runs an independent jewellery school in collaboration with the association Smyk 2000. She works in different scales, from bronze sculpture, over silver corpus to traditional smaller gold jewellery.


I am a trained goldsmith, but that does not define the materials I choose to work with or the scale of my art.
Regardless of size or materials, my works are always sculptural and always textural. From mammoth, diver's playgrounds in rock and concrete across large bronzes and silverware to minuscule jewellery in precious metals and stones, my art is both figurative and narrative, but always imbued with my sense of humour and, at times, naivité.
I never repeat myself, always testing my limits, artistically as well as in terms of my craftsmanship. How does it evolve?

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Exhibition  26 Jan 2023 - 30 Apr 2023  Tapas. 100 finger rings by Gitte Bjørn.
Exhibition  08 Apr 2022 - 23 Oct 2022  Macabre Masterpieces.
Exhibition  27 Sep 2019 - 19 Oct 2019  Daisy Daisy Daisy.
Exhibition  21 Mar 2018 - 21 Apr 2018  Weightlessness.
Exhibition  04 Nov 2017 - 21 Jan 2018  Bring It On. Danish Contemporary Jewellery.
Exhibition  06 Nov 2016 - 12 Jan 2017  Silver Triennial, 18th International Competition Exhibition.

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Book:  Silver Triennial International. 18th Worldwide Competition. Arnoldsche Art Publishers:  Stuttgart,  2016