Schmuck 2010

Fair  /  03 Mar 2010  -  09 Mar 2010
Published: 19.02.2010

Read, download & print the programme of events related to Jewellery durin the International Trade Fair Schmuck 2010 in Munich.
>> Download the complete program of events

Jewellery art reflects its day and age. Artists may refer to a political or social background, they may be rooted in fashion or arts. The high standards and stunning inventiveness of its participants turn the international special show SCHMUCK into a renowned show case for trends in jewellery art world wide. The selection is made by a distinguished jewellery teacher changing every year.

SCHMUCK is a special show of the International Trade Fair for the Skilled Trades taking place in Munich in March each year.


Organized by the Verein zur Förderung des Handwerks e.V.
Willy Brandt Allee 1, 81829 München, Germany

Project director: Wolfgang Lösche
Interior design: Professor Hans Ell
Administrative organization: Eva Sarnowski