Design Podium 2007

Fair  /  23 Feb 2007  -  26 Feb 2007
Published: 31.01.2007
Michael Berger. Ring: Untitled, 2006. Michael Berger
Ring: Untitled, 2006
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The fair is betting on its very promising and talented next generation of designers.

Design Podium Inhorgenta europe 2007. 34th International Trade Fair for Watches, Clocks, Jewellery, Precious Stones, Pearls and Technology

179 designers including 6 silversmiths have submitted their work for inhorgenta europe 2007's Design Podium.

Inhorgenta europe 2007 has come up with a new design concept. Project management has taken inspiration from the great variety in nature for it. Color stripes run through all halls, in the middle of which flowerpots and bench elements are integrated. For example, various leaves reminding one of lemon leaves are the focal point in Hall A1 where timepieces are displayed. Hall C2 is titled “Passion in Ice”; visitors will find frozen jewelry pieces there, and the motto in the gemstone Hall C1 is “From the Depths of Nature”. Various blossoms as the source of inspiration of many jewelry-makers can be seen in Hall B1. These furnishings provide each of the halls with unmistakable features and serve as orientation help for visitors at the same time.

The “Young and Wild” at inhorgenta europe

Every industry profits from the energy and innovative ideas of its next generation. The international timepiece and jewelry business is no exception. Consequently, inhorgenta europe, the most significant trade fair for jewelry and timepieces in the EU, is betting on its very promising and talented next generation of designers. It is ensuring with targeted, strategic promotion of young and talented jewelry artists from throughout the world that they get initial trade fair experience on an international platform. In Hall C2, a synonym worldwide for innovative designer jewelry, around 300 exhibitors from Europe, Asia and America present their wares to a discerning trade public every year. This creative platform is the outlet for extraordinary ideas, innovative concepts and consequently one of the most stimuli for the complete industry, not the least thanks to the call for entries to compete for the inhorgenta innovation prize for outstanding and pioneering jewelry design, one of the most sought-after and highly recognized of its kind. This is reason enough to ask jewelry designers from throughout the world, in which project they are currently working and how their participation at inhorgenta europe has affected the further course of their businesses.

Brand New – New Brand 2007

As part of the special show “Brand New – New Brand” (in the designers’ hall C2), inhorgenta europe 2007 offered twenty international graduates of this year 2006 a presentation platform at especially favourable conditions.

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February 23rd to 26th 2007

Open Friday to Sunday: 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
           Monday: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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Arianne Hartmann. Ring: Weddingrings. 750 Gg, 750 Wg. 8mm. Arianne, HartmannRing: Weddingrings750 Gg, 750 Wg8mm. Arianne Hartmann
Ring: Weddingrings
750 Gg, 750 Wg

Arianne, Hartmann
Ring: Weddingrings
750 Gg, 750 Wg

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Dominique Labordery. Ring: Tulip, 2006. Oxidized silver, gold. Dominique Labordery
Ring: Tulip, 2006
Oxidized silver, gold
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Ines Arndt. Bracelet: Untitled, 2006. Ines Arndt
Bracelet: Untitled, 2006
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Luzia Vogt. Ring: Untitled, 2006. Luzia Vogt
Ring: Untitled, 2006
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Karla Schabert. Brooch: Häkelserie, 2006. Point yarn, glass beads, 925 silver. Karla Schabert
Brooch: Häkelserie, 2006
Point yarn, glass beads, 925 silver
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Claudia Rinneberg. Pendant: Untitled, 2006. Claudia Rinneberg
Pendant: Untitled, 2006
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