Kunstrai 2004

Fair  /  11 May 2005  -  16 Jun 2005
Published: 26.01.2006

Much contemporary art, solos and a new generation of gallery owners


The 20th KunstRAI Amsterdam looks highly promising. Anneke Oele of Amsterdam RAI says: “After last year’s success, when the quality of the exhibition improved enormously and the number of exhibitors was reduced to manageable proportions, we are now attracting all the important galleries in the Netherlands. At the same time, we have started to realise another new policy goal: showing the latest developments in the European galleries and hence the latest developments in art. For this purpose we have sought to attract a new generation of galleries and gallery owners.
In the Netherlands they include not only Ellen de Bruijne, Diana Stigter and Motive Gallery but also Upstream, a gallery which recently opened in Amsterdam and which will feature the work of a new generation of artists. Other newcomers at KunstRAI are Van Zoetendaal, AdK and Van Zomeren.

From Germany there will be Vera Gliem and from Antwerp Stella Lohaus. Another first-time exhibitor will be, the well-known Cologne bookshop that specialises in photographic books. And after a long absence there will also be Paul Andriesse, Fons Welters and Lumen Travo.”
An excellent supplement to what is already a top-class exhibition will be the central presentation staged by Stedelijk Museum Bureau Amsterdam.

Other attractions will be the many solo presentations, the award of the KDR KunstRAI Prize to the most promising young artist, exhibition tours and a special day for beginner collectors. KunstRAI will be held in the Parkhal of Amsterdam RAI from Wednesday 5 to Sunday 9 May 2004.

Stedelijk Museum Bureau Amsterdam

A logical supplement to the exhibition will be provided by Stedelijk Museum Bureau Amsterdam (SMBA), an annex of the Stedelijk Museum which was set up ten years ago and serves as a laboratory and springboard for young talent. KunstRAI has invited SMBA to mount the central exhibition to mark its tenth anniversary. Entirely in keeping with its ethos, SMBA will use this opportunity to showcase new talent and hopes to make a lively and entertaining contribution to KunstRAI that underscores the truth of the statement made by Alicia Framis, one of SMBA’s artists: “It is not the space that makes the event, but the event that makes the space...”

Many solo presentations

Anneke Oele comments: “Our new policy at KunstRAI is to encourage solo presentations, since they are conducive to the quality of the exhibition and to a sense of calm. In addition, the visitors can get a more complete impression of the artists and obtain better information.”

This year there will once again be more solo presentations, for example by Anthony Caro (with Josine Bokhoven), Jaap Kroneman (Van Gelder Gallery), Lisa Holden (Ron Mandos), Paul van Dongen (De Praktijk), Narita Tadaaki (ArtKitchen Gallery), Trak Wendisch (Dom Arte), Gilbert & George (Serieuze Zaken Gallery) and Roger Ballen (Reflex).

The increase in the number of solo presentations is a source of satisfaction to the selection committee too. “We have managed to build on the foundations we put in place last year,” says Fred Wagemans (Kunstruimte Wagemans, Beesterzwaag), a member of the selection committee. “There is a strong field of galleries and there is now even more emphasis on contemporary art, international artists and solo presentations.” The other members of the selection committee are Erik Paol (Fijnaut & Paol Fine Art, Amsterdam), Jeroen Dijkstra (Livingstone Gallery, The Hague) and Emmo Grofsmid (MK Gallery, Rotterdam).‘Close Connections’
“This year’s KunstRAI will display the latest developments in contemporary art,” explains Anneke Oele. “But at the same time we are trying to ensure that more classical art is shown by the modern art dealers and galleries. In this way, the sources of contemporary art can be kept visible. This also explains the exhibition’s new subtitle ‘Close Connections’ – a theme reflected in the floor plan, which aims to provide a worthwhile glimpse of the position taken by the different galleries and art dealers in the overall scheme of the art world. In other words, the exhibition will not be divided into rigid segments, but will have logical links that help to explain the significance of the art on display.” New feature: day for beginner collectors

A new feature of KunstRAI 2004 will be a day organised for beginner collectors. A limited number of ‘beginner collectors’ will be invited to spend a day at KunstRAI. They will be accompanied by four renowned art collectors whom they can ask for advice on the subject of collecting. KunstRAI’s partner for the day is the merchant bank Van Lanschot/Ars Mundi.

KDR KunstRAI Prize

Once again the most promising young artist at KunstRAI will receive the KDR KunstRAI Prize. This prize, which is sponsored by the printing firm Kwak & Van Daalen & Ronday, consists of the production of a catalogue of the work of the winning artist and a solo presentation of his or her work at the next KunstRAI. Last year’s winner was Rachid Ben Ali of the Tanya Rumpff Gallery, whose work will be presented at a solo stand at this year’s KunstRAI.