Schmuck 2006

Fair  /  16 Mar 2006  -  22 Mar 2006
Published: 09.08.2006
Schmuck 2006.
Organization and Information Eva Sarnowski
DEADLINE: 01/10/2005

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Schmuck and Talente 2006: see the list of selected events related to jewellery during the International Trade Fair
Internationale Handwerksmesse Munich (IHM)
Special Show SCHMUCK 2006

Closing Date: 1 October 2005

This special exhibition is the eldest exhibition of contemporary jewellery work in the world. It takes place since 1959 every year during the International Trade Fair in March. The three most challenging works will be selected for the Herbert Hofmann Prize (Founder of the special show).

The special show presents work of about 60 jewellers from over twenty countries. The final selection is annually made by an different international juror.
Except the transport and insurance costs until Munich the participation in the special show is free of charge for you. A jury decides about the entry to Schmuck 2006.

“Since its inception, Schmuck has been an amazing barometer of the trends in cutting-edge jewelry,” said Wolfgang Lösche, Director of Exhibitions and Fairs at the Chamber of Trade and Craft of Munich and Upper Bavaria. “Each year, the energy and groundbreaking potential of these new works creates a palpable sense of anticipation across Europe, and we are delighted to be working with the Museum of Arts & Design in New York to bring this exhibition to the United States for the first time.”

Schmuck, which means “jewelry” in German, has chronicled the evolution of contemporary art jewelry since 1959. Organized each spring in Munich by the Handwerkskammer für München und Oberbayern and, as of 2006, supported by the Danner Stiftung, the juried exhibition showcases the recent work of established artists and emerging talent. Since 1973, the annual exhibition has awarded the prestigious Herbert Hofmann prize to three jewelry artists, who submit the most outstanding and innovative contributions. For the past twelve years, Schmuck has included a focus exhibition dedicated to the Klassiker der Moderne, an influential and esteemed jewelry artist who has demonstrated consistent strength in concept, materials, and technique throughout his or her career.

“Contemporary jewelry is a vital art form that reflects evolving social and cultural values while boldly embracing new technology and materials,” said Holly Hotchner, director, Museum of Arts & Design. “For the past fifty years, both Schmuck and the Museum have defined the vanguard of jewelry by championing artists who pushed traditional ideas of function, context, and beauty. It is a pleasure and an honor to partner with an institution that plays such an important role in supporting contemporary jewelry design.”

Over 400 artists from around the world submitted work for Schmuck 2006, which was juried by Ruudt Peters, renowned Dutch jewelry artist and professor for jewelry at the Konstfack, the University College of Arts Crafts and Design in Stockholm, Sweden. The exhibition features over 100 works and highlights the diversity of process and material utilized by today’s jewelry artists. Schmuck 2006 will honor Thomas Gentille as the first American Klassiker der Moderne with a show of 30 works.

“From gold to wood, titanium to acrylic, Thomas Gentille finds the souls of his materials, masterfully bringing texture, color, light, and form together in dynamic balance and sophisticated counterpoint,” said Ursula Ilse-Neuman, Curator at the Museum of Arts & Design and coordinating curator of Schmuck 2006. “Gentille’s work is abstract and cerebral with careful regard to subtle color combinations and refined surface treatments, but his pieces truly come alive when they are worn.”

The last twenty years of Schmuck reflect the globalization of the contemporary jewelry scene, signified by the participation of artists from across Europe, the United States, Australia, South Africa, Israel, Korea, and Japan. Past prize winners include the finest artists in the field, such as Friedrich Becker (Germany), Hellen Britton (Australia), Arline Fisch (United States), Hermann Jünger (Germany), Otto Künzli (Switzerland), Daniel Kruger (South Africa), Francesco Pavan (Italy), and Peter Skubic (Austria).

The exhibition opens in Munich on March 16, 2006 at the Internationale Handswerksmesse München (IHM), before traveling to the Museum of Arts & Design in May.

Schmuck, the oldest and most prestigious annual exhibition of international contemporary jewelry, will be presented for the first time in the United States at the Museum of Arts & Design (MAD) from May 18 through September 3, 2006. Displaying the work of 63 jewelry artists from 21 countries, Schmuck 2006 marks the forty-seventh presentation of this juried Munich-based exhibition. MAD’s groundbreaking partnership with Schmuck anticipates the 2008 opening of the Museum’s new home at Columbus Circle, the facilities of which will include a center for the exhibition and study of contemporary art jewelry.

Thomas Gentille

Recognized internationally for a lifetime of contributions to the field of art jewelry, Thomas Gentille is the first American artist to be designated a Klassiker der Moderne and will have a special exhibition dedicated to his work in Schmuck 2006. Over a career spanning nearly fifty years, Gentille has continually invented new processes to manipulate a wide range of materials. Many of his explorations have been with materials rarely used for jewelry, including wood, aluminum, acrylic, new synthetic materials, and eggshell inlay. His work often juxtaposes unexpected combinations—such as pumice stone and pure pigment, silk thread and ebony, acrylic and model aircraft plywood—and is noted for its subtle colors, sophisticated surface treatments, and balanced compositions.

Born in Mansfield, Ohio, in 1936, Gentille graduated from the Cleveland Institute of Art in 1958. He has instructed students and advanced jewelry makers at leading centers and schools for craft and art throughout the United States and abroad. His book, Step by Step Jewelry, published in 1968, has become a key reference book for jewelry makers. At Schmuck 2001 Gentille became the second American to receive the Herbert Hoffmann prize; he also received the Bavarian State Prize in 2004. Gentille’s work is in the permanent collection of the Victoria and Albert Museum, London; The National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne, Australia; Pinakothek der Moderne, Munich, Germany; The Montreal Museum of Fine Art, Canada; The Philadelphia Museum of Art; Museum of Fine Arts, Boston; The Cooper Hewitt Museum, Smithsonian Institution, New York; The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, Texas; and the Museum of Arts & Design, New York.


A selection of events related to jewellery during the International Trade Fair:

Jewellery 2006 in Munich. Internationalen Handwerksmesse.
Special Jewellery Show 2006
58. Internationale Handwerksmesse München/ International Trade Fair Munich

Herbert Hofmann Prize Award Ceremony

18. März 2006 at 17.30 Uhr
Halle A1
Special Jewellery Show
Neue Messe München, Halle A1

Jewellery Lectures

18. März 2006 at 18.30 Uhr
_ Ursula Neuman: Jewellery in the United
Staates of America
_ Thomas Gentille speaks about his work
Neue Messe München, Halle A1

Goldschmiedetreffen/ Jewellery Get-Together

18. März 2006 at 20.30 Uhr
Augustiner Bräuhaus
Weißer Saal, Neuhauser Straße 27, 1. Stock
80333 München,
Tel. 089-23183257

Eröffnung Schmuckmuseum in Pforzheim

11. März 2006 at 11 Uhr
Jahnstraße 42
75173 Pforzheim


15. März 2006 at 18-20 Uhr
presenting jewellery out of the box
Amsterdam - Munich - Tokyo
Bas Bouman, Jantje Fleischhut, Ulrich Reithofer, Christian Hoedl, Jiro Kamata, Nanna Melland, Hiroki Masuzaki, Masao Takahashi, Yoko ueda
Wittenbrink, Fünf Höfe, Theatinerstr.14, 80333 München
Tel. 089-25541933. Mo-Do 10-19 Uhr, Sa 10-18 Uhr

Svenja John “XB2”

16. März 2006 at 18.30 Uhr
Galerie Biro
Zieblandstraße 19
80799 München
Tel. 089-2730686
Fax 089-2730658
Dauer der Ausstellung 17. März-29. April 2006
Di-Fr 14–18, Sa 11–14 Uhr,

solo defrosts

16. März 2006 at 20–24 Uhr
solo: ulrike bartels, stella bierenbach, jantje fleischhut, ineke heerkens, jeannette jansen,malin lindmark-vrijman, wiebke meurer, iris nieuwenburg, gitte nygaard,
susanne schmitt, anette walz
Projektraum Görres10
Görresstraße 10
80798 München
Tel. 089-28806833
Fr 17.3.–So 19.3.2006, 13–20 Uhr

Gerd Rothmann

17. März 2006 at 18 Uhr
Galerie Isabella Hund,
Frauenplatz 13
Eingang Schäfflerstraße
80331 München
Tel. 089-2916071
Dauer der Ausstellung 18. März–1. April 2006
Mo-Fr 11-19 Uhr, Sa 11-16 Uhr

Hermann Jünger – Found Treasures

17. März 2006 at 19 Uhr
Die Neue Sammlung, Staatliches Museum für angewandte Kunst Pinakothek der Moderne
Barer Str. 40
80333 München
Tel. 089-2727250 und 089-23805360
Dauer der Ausstellung 18. März -7. Mai 2006,
Di, Mi, Sa, So 10-17 Uhr, Do/ Fr 10-20 Uhr

Bettina Speckner

17. März 2006 at 20 Uhr
Sonderöffnung 18. und 19. März von 12-18 Uhr
Galerie Spektrum
Türkenstraße 24
Tel. 089-284590
Dauer der Ausstellung 18. März –23. April 2006
Di-Fr 13-19, Sa 11-14 Uhr


17. März 2006 at 19 Uhr
Eija Mustonen, Tarja Tuupanen, Helena Lehtinen, Kimmo Heikkilä
84 GHz Kultur im Keller
Georgenstr. 84
80799 München
Tel. 089-30637911
Dauer der Ausstellung 18.-19. März ,12-20 Uhr, bis 31. März nach


19. März 2006 from 12-15 Uhr
Dauer der Ausstellung: 3. März–1. April 2006, Mo–Sa 10–18 Uhr
Galerie für Angewandte Kunst Bayerischer Kunstgewerbe-Verein e.V.
Pacellistraße 6-8
80333 München
Tel. 089-290147-0
Fax 089-296277

Lisa Walker und Henriette Schuster
17 -19. März 2006 from 12–17 Uhr.
Rothmundstraße 6
80337 München
Tel. 0174-3263647