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Published: 01.02.2008
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This week starts the annual international jewellery and silver design event at the RAI, Amsterdam. An interesting event that this year includes the New Traditional Jewellery contest.
Contemporary jewellery in all its facets

SIERAAD: quality – individuality – fellowship
There was nothing but praise for the fourth edition of SIERAAD which was held in the RAI, Amsterdam, for the first time. The quality of the exhibits - shown by almost fifty participants- was high, there was a large variety and the ambience was excellent.
There was a lively interaction between the exhibitors and the clearly interested visitors, as well as among the participants themselves. There was no question of any competition: more than anything else the participants at SIERAAD formed a group of mutually inspiring colleagues who, together, showed a comprehensive survey of contemporary jewellery.

The move from the Hengelo Expo Centre to the Amsterdam RAI caused no negative effects whatsoever for SIERAAD: apart from the public from the eastern part of the country which proved very loyal and came to Amsterdam in great numbers, a new target group was reached: the Randstad residents to whom Hengelo often seems a long way off. Only on opening night (Thursday) things were too quiet: initially this evenning was meant to provide the press with a preview and it was only later decided to admit the general public as well.
On the following days the hall filled up right after the doors opened in the morning and people kept coming until around six o’clock. If you wanted to take in all the stands, you definitely needed a full day.

Apart from dozens of Dutch exhibitors, obviously including the Society of Gold and Silversmiths and Edelmetaal, their counterparts from Great Britain, Germany, Belgium and even one from Cyprus had also come to the RAI. Their enthusiasm for the event was especially striking: in no way would consumers in their own countries be so interested and involved - nor so honest, as some of them called our Dutch bluntness: the visitors were very outspoken in their opinion about certain jewellery and objects; this was at times confronting, but also worked as an incentive.

Almost without exception the exhibitors reported good sales, in any case (more than) good enough to cover the stand rental. Designers specialising in costly pieces (some thousands of euros) chiefly used the fair as an opportunity to fill their diaries for the coming months with appointments with potential buyers. Such jewellery is, after all, not usually bought on an impulse at a fair.
Entirely against his own expectations silversmith Jan van Nouhuys sold two of his showpieces to completely new customers. “An unexpected present”, as Jan’s wife Anneke put it.

As usual, galerie Beeld & Aambeeld from Enschede was an exhibitor at SIERAAD showing the work of numerous jewellery designers. Another exhibitor was gallery owner Paul Derrez of Galerie Ra. Students of the Rietveld Academy showed their jewellery, and in the stand of the Society of Gold and Silversmiths and Edelmetaal work of the NOW nominees was on show. These pieces were also shown twice on the catwalk on Sunday during the fashion show that had already met with a positive reception on “Silverday” in the Museum for Gold, Silver and Clocks; this time the show was presented by Coco de Meyere, a member of the jury. The rather large hall where this event took place was filled to capacity on both occasions; this show, too, met with only positive reactions from the SIERAAD public.

Next year
Next year Maarten Bodt and Astrid Berens van EMB&B art Events will once again organize the SIERAAD exhibition. Exhibitors asked by Edelmetaal whether they would participate again next year, answered without exception that they would. However, there is also plenty of scope for growth – EMB&B expects at least fifteen new exhibitors. The location will be the same, as will be the period. For, although for some gold and silversmiths (particularly when they have a shop of their own) it is not really convenient to participate in SIERAAD in the month of December, it is the only time of the year that the RAI is still affordable.

A visitors’ survey, held by the RAI, showed that SIERAAD scored exceptionally high: between 8.5 and 9. Many indicated they would certainly visit the fair again.

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