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Published: 01.02.2008
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Ineke Otte. Necklace: Rat. Plastic, pearl. Ineke, OtteNecklace / neckpiece: RatPlastic, pearl. Ineke Otte
Necklace: Rat
Plastic, pearl

Ineke, Otte
Necklace / neckpiece: Rat
Plastic, pearl

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The fifth edition of Sieraad, the annual international jewellery and silver design event at the RAI, expects at least fifteen new exhibitors.

Contemporary jewellery in all its facets

SIERAAD: quality – individuality – fellowship
There was nothing but praise for the fourth edition of SIERAAD which was held in the RAI, Amsterdam, for the first time. The quality of the exhibits - shown by almost fifty participants- was high, there was a large variety and the ambience was excellent.
There was a lively interaction between the exhibitors and the clearly interested visitors, as well as among the participants themselves. There was no question of any competition: more than anything else the participants at SIERAAD formed a group of mutually inspiring colleagues who, together, showed a comprehensive survey of contemporary jewellery.

This year Maarten Bodt and Astrid Berens van EMB&B art Events will once again organize the SIERAAD exhibition. Exhibitors asked by Edelmetaal whether they would participate again next year, answered without exception that they would. However, there is also plenty of scope for growth – EMB&B expects at least fifteen new exhibitors. The location will be the same, as will be the period. For, although for some gold and silversmiths (particularly when they have a shop of their own) it is not really convenient to participate in SIERAAD in the month of December, it is the only time of the year that the RAI is still affordable.


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Jan Matthesius. Object: Glasbak, 1993. Glass, rubber. 250 x 250 mm. Jan Matthesius
Object: Glasbak, 1993
Glass, rubber
250 x 250 mm
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Corina Rietveld. Ring: Berkenbast ring, 2006. Sprokkelen collection. Corina Rietveld
Ring: Berkenbast ring, 2006
Sprokkelen collection
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