Sofa Chicago 2005

Fair  /  28 Oct 2005  -  30 Oct 2005
Published: 02.11.2006
Sofa Chicago 2005.
Festival Hall, Navy Pier. Chicago
Linda MacNeil. Necklace: Mesh. Acid polished clear glass, polished cream and. black Vitrolite, 24k gold plated brass, mesh chain. Pendant: 3.25x 2 x .5'. Leo Kaplan Modern,. New York, NY. Linda MacNeil
Necklace: Mesh
Acid polished clear glass, polished cream and
black Vitrolite, 24k gold plated brass, mesh chain
Pendant: 3.25x 2 x .5"
Leo Kaplan Modern,
New York, NY
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100 select international galleries and dealers will exhibit at SOFA CHICAGO 2005, the finest international exposition dedicated to bridging the decorative and fine arts.

Over 33,000 visitors are expected to attend SOFA CHICAGO 2005 and delight in the fine artworks, whose formal properties are often more than illusory, more than a mere falling of light. Their very objecthood leads to a conjuncture of viewer and object in the imaginary sphere of the material, a circle of presence, where materiality itself may be momentarily transcended.

SOFA Chicago offers some Special Exhibits:
-An exhibit of contemporary decorative artwork by nine artists currently living in Israel entitled Updating Traditions, curated by Dale Anderson with advisors Jane Adlin, assistant curator, Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY; Aviva Ben-Sira, Eretz Israel Museum, Tel-Aviv; Riva Saker, Sotheby’s Israel and Davira S. Taragin, director of exhibitions and programs, Racine Art Museum, WI. Presented by the Association of Israel’s Decorative Arts (AIDA), in cooperation with the Eretz Israel Museum.

-Metalsmith magazine’s 2005 Exhibition in Print: Flatware: Function + Fantasy, an exhibit of contemporary, exuberantly imaginative place settings, knife-fork-spoon, comparable eating implements and serving pieces. Co-curated by Rosanne Raab, independent curator/collection adviser, and Boris Bally, designer/metalsmith. Presented by Society of North American Goldsmiths.
Margaret Bridgwater. Earrings: Floating. 928 silver, nylon, silk chiffon. 2.4 x .79?, 2 x .79', 2'. Galerie Metal,. Copenhagen, Denmark. Margaret Bridgwater
Earrings: Floating
928 silver, nylon, silk chiffon
2.4 x .79?, 2 x .79", 2"
Galerie Metal,
Copenhagen, Denmark
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