About stone: material, method and jewellery. A lecture by Tarja Tuupanen

Lectures  /  Artists  /  30 Oct 2019
Published: 21.10.2019
Tarja Tuupanen. Object: Pearls, 2019. Used marble tableware, cotton string.. L: 6.5 m; As a pile: 70x 70x 35 cm. Photo by: Lassi Rinno. Tarja Tuupanen
Object: Pearls, 2019
Used marble tableware, cotton string.
L: 6.5 m; As a pile: 70x 70x 35 cm
Photo by: Lassi Rinno
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Stone has been Tarja Tuupanens main material as a jewellery artist for 20 years. The relationship to it is so thorough that it becomes more than just a material to begin with. In the lecture, she will talk about her approach to different stones: how the character of the material affects the content of the work and what skill means to her.