Open Call: Artistar Jewels 2019

Open call  /  03 Jul 2018  -  27 Jul 2018
Published: 03.07.2018

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The 2019 call for the sixth edition of Artistar Jewels is officially open. It’s a project dedicated to the international scouting of talents of contemporary jewelery, of design, and of artist. The event, which has grown exponentially over the past editions, has hosted important creative talents such as Giancarlo Montebello, Philip Sajet, Yoko Ono, Pol Bury, Faust Cardinali and Gillo Dorfles and signed important partnerships like the one with the SIERAAD Art Fair of Amsterdam and renowned European concept stores.
The next edition will take place from 19 to 24 February 2019 during the Milan Fashion Week in a prestigious location in the heart of the city. A jury of experts will announce the winners and will also award prizes to the most deserving. Compared to the previous edition, the number of jewels and wearable objects on show will be lower, as the selection, by the Artistar team, aims to offer visitors and buyers an exhibition whose level is increasing. The news of the edition will be the considerable increase of concept stores that will directly select the creations to be displayed in their stores, this year, for the first time, even outside Europe. The most important news of 2019, is, in fact, the creation of a commercial network that expands all over the world. If until 2018 the participants exhibited their jewels in some European contemporary jewelry galleries, today Artistar Jewels, through partnerships and synergies born with numerous commercial realities, concept stores and galleries, gives the possibility to the artists to bring their own pieces within selected retailers in new countries.

The aims of the event led by Enzo Carbone are to show the best creations designed in recent years from all over the world and spread the culture of the contemporary jewelry characterized mainly by technical and stylistic research, experimentation with new materials, a reinterpretation of traditional ones and originality. Creations that do not exhaust their function in the ornamental dimension because central, in every object, are the narration of a story, the conveyance of a message or a precise creative idea. Stimulating dialogue and comparison between artists and experts in the sector, offering great visibility and creating real business opportunities are the central aspects that characterize the project, and it is for these reasons that Artistar Jewels represents a uniqueness within the international contemporary jewelery scene and is appreciated and recognized internationally.

A jury of experts will select 10 artists who will win important prizes and awards. All the selected creations will be protagonists of a dedicated shooting and published in the special volume Artistar Jewels 2019. The book, published by the publishing house Logo Fausto Lupetti, will be available on a national and international network: all bookshops in Italy and in the main European capitals, and shipped to over 5,000 industry insiders.

Further information and the complete announcement are available on the official website
Artistar Jewels 2018. inside view..
Artistar Jewels 2018. inside view.

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Artistar Jewels 2018, exhibition opening..
Artistar Jewels 2018, exhibition opening.

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Artistar Jewels 2018..
Artistar Jewels 2018.

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Artistar Jewels 2018, Sieraad Award..
Artistar Jewels 2018, Sieraad Award.

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Artistar Jewels 2018, display window..
Artistar Jewels 2018, display window.

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Vlad Glynin. Ring: Cubed Cube, 2018. Bronze, black rhodium, nanosital.. Vlad Glynin
Ring: Cubed Cube, 2018
Bronze, black rhodium, nanosital.
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Annie Gobel. Bracelet: Pink and Blue Ice Cream, 2017. Enamel, mild steel.. Photo by: Andrea Salpetre. Annie Gobel
Bracelet: Pink and Blue Ice Cream, 2017
Enamel, mild steel.
Photo by: Andrea Salpetre
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Katy Tromans. Ring: Rapunzel, 2018. Sterling silver 925.. Photo by: Andrea Salpetre. Katy Tromans
Ring: Rapunzel, 2018
Sterling silver 925.
Photo by: Andrea Salpetre
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Vaidaan Jewellery. Bracelet: Chameleon, 2017. Safety pins, metal beads, threads.. Photo by: Andrea Salpetre. Vaidaan Jewellery
Bracelet: Chameleon, 2017
Safety pins, metal beads, threads.
Photo by: Andrea Salpetre
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