International Amber Association (IAA)

Published: 28.05.2024


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The main goals of the IAA are the promotion of amber and amber jewelery, the dissemination of knowledge about amber and its values, the exchange of contacts and joint solving of industry problems.

International Amber Association (IAA).
Ryszard Uliński

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The International Amber Association (IAA), founded in 1996 brings together individuals and organisations connected with Baltic Amber. The IAA's members are scientists, designers, artists, producers, traders, collectors and amber enthusiasts. The IAA's primary objective is to promote Baltic Amber and disseminate reliable knowledge about it.
Experts from the IAA laboratory conduct research and verify the authenticity of Baltic Amber, issuing certificates to confirm their findings. The IAA Appraisers' Committee is responsible for developing a classification of amber gemstones.

The IAA has collected an extensive thematic library and conducts various publishing and educational activities. It publishes the magazine Bursztynisko. The Amber Magazine co-created by researchers, art historians, designers, and artists. It is the only magazine devoted entirely to amber. In 2023, the Association published an album Baltic Amber. Nature. History. Culture., which presents the most important information on geology, chemistry, biology, history, art, and design.­

Each year, the IAA Gallery organizes exhibitions of works of art featuring amber. In 2023 alone, it hosted renowned artists such as Silvia Bellia, Arnald Jorda, Alberto Davila, and Miriam Arentz - the winners of the Amber Prize founded by the Association. The IAA has been a patron and sponsor of awards for many years, and its members sit on the jury of international art competitions, such as The Amberif Design Award, Legnica „Silver” Festiwal and the Władyslaw Strzemiński - Project.

Hourly: 10- 16:00. Monday to Friday.
Free entry.

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Fair  29 Oct 2024 - 31 Oct 2024  AMBERIF Autumn 2024.
IAA stand
Exhibition  04 Oct 2024 - 29 Nov 2024  Lena Ogórkiewicz student of the Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź.
Exhibition  28 Jun 2024 - 27 Sep 2024  Baltic Amber 2024: Other Criteria.
Currently shown at Legnica Silver Festival.
Workshop  15 Jun 2024 - 15 Jun 2024  Hanza days in Gdańsk.
Workshops with Giedymin Jabłoński- making amber&silver jewellery at the IAA Gallery.
Meeting  10 May 2024 - 11 May 2024  Legnica International Jewellery Festival Silver 2024.
Exhibition  25 Mar 2024 - 21 Jun 2024  Transformations by dr Magdalena Szadowska.

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Magazine:  Bursztynisko. The Amber Magazine. IAA:  Gdansk,  2024
The Amber Magazine [ polish- English, annual publication]- magazine issued since 1996- inside you will find current informations about Baltic amber- exhibitions, fairs, events, scientific articles (biology, history of art)- it is the only magazine in the world devoted entirely to Baltic Amber.
Book:  Baltic amber. Nature. History. Culture. IAA:  Gdansk,  2023
Album issued in polish and English with basic informations about geology, chemistry, history of art, art and design- everything you need to know about Baltic amber!
Catalogue:  Miriam Arentz. Traces in time. IAA:  Gdansk,  2023
Main building of the IAA..
Main building of the IAA.

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IAA Amber Laboratory..
IAA Amber Laboratory.

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IAA Gallery..
IAA Gallery.

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IAA Gallery..
IAA Gallery.

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