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Published: 03.03.2020
Studio entrance..
Studio entrance.

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Officially launched in 2015, L’Atelier Studio was co-founded by two contemporary jewelry artists, Wang Xiaojia from China and Jean Marc Waszack from France. Based in Beijing China, L’Atelier Studio serves as a space for cultural exchange on craftmanship between China and France with a focus on promoting western art and jewelry crafts.
Dedicated to opening up opportunities for people to learn traditional handicrafts from international artisans, L'Atelier Studio organizes workshops and small exhibitions on a regular basis. This includes short-term jewelry crafts workshops, European antiques and craft open days, and contemporary jewelry exhibitions. Additionally, L’Atelier also hosts events such as art and crafts lectures, and handcrafts experience days on an irregular basis.

L’Atelier’s goal is to provide a professional platform for promotion and exchange of art, culture and craftsmanship between East and West.

List of board members and staff:
Jean-Marc Waszack, co-founder:
Xiaojia Wang, co-founder:
Shuting Tan, studio operations manager:

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Workshop  29 Feb 2020 - 31 Mar 2020  Creation with Xiaojia Wang.
Fair  14 Dec 2019 - 17 Dec 2019  X’Mas Market at Jiuchang International Art Camp.
Lecture  26 Nov 2019 - 26 Nov 2019  Latest Enamel Work and Experience Sharing by Jean François Dehays.
Workshop  26 Nov 2019 - 30 Nov 2019  Plique-à-jour technique with Jean François Dehays.
Workshop  23 Nov 2019 - 24 Nov 2019  Façon Limoges & Émail peint & Grisaille techniques with Jean François Dehays.
Workshop  17 Nov 2019 - 21 Nov 2019  Cloisonné & Champlevé techniques with Jean François Dehays.
Lecture  14 Nov 2019 - 14 Nov 2019  The Art of French Enamel Xiaojia Wang.
Lecture  21 Jul 2019 - 21 Jul 2019  French Vintage and Antique Culture.
Lecture  14 Jul 2019 - 14 Jul 2019  Art Nouveau, Pioneer of Modern Art by Xiaojia Wang.
Studio corner..
Studio corner.

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Bench corner at the studio..
Bench corner at the studio.

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L’Atelier Studio team..
L’Atelier Studio team.

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Xiaojia Wang, Studio Co-founder..
Xiaojia Wang, Studio Co-founder.

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Jean-Marc Waszack, Studio Co-founder..
Jean-Marc Waszack, Studio Co-founder.

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Shuting Tan, Studio Operation Manager..
Shuting Tan, Studio Operation Manager.

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