Anita Varga

Published: 08.02.2022
Anita Varga Anita Varga


Anita Varga graduated from METU Budapest in 2021, specializing in fashion jewellery and accessories, with a thesis on The alternative use of maize. Her first jewellery collection received Honorable Mention at the International Design Awards in Los Angeles this year. With her jewellery, which focuses on contrasts, she highlights the infinite variety and beauty of natural materials. The collection invites the viewer to look beyond the art by using geometric metallic elements. This combination emphasizes how the modern, minimalist lifestyle and the natural elements can harmonize.


I strive to create eye-catching objects, but also to stir up the feelings of the viewer. My 'Metallic Corn Husk' collection started with pieces from my diploma work, and then I continued to develop and vary the colours and textures. Creating corn structures and colours is an exciting process, it evokes a variety of emotions, and the corn husk smells pleasant when it’s formed. The corn husk structures of my objects are removable, replaceable, variable. I’m excited by the journey, which leads me to find new paths in the world of contemporary jewellery. I’m always looking for new materials and combinations.

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