Anne Franke

Published: 29.02.2024


After completing her studies in Communication Design in 1993 under the guidance of Professor Klaus Winterhager in Wuppertal, Anne Franke co-founded a design studio with a fellow student. Over her 30-year career as a communication designer, she worked with numerous clients from the paper industry, which fueled her affinity for paper, especially natural papers, and led her to develop new ideas.

Using antique embossing tools, traditionally employed in the production of silk flowers, she creates pieces, predominantly necklaces made from embossed paper, silver, and stainless steel. Anne Franke has showcased her works in exhibitions across Germany, Austria, Australia, and America. The primary focus of her exhibitions often centers on the design studio Art des Hauses, headquartered in Dortmund, in the Ruhr area, since 2012.


Anne’s affinity with fine, sensual uncoated papers started in her design studio – the communication strategy she developed for the company was about »using paper to promote paper«. The sample books, for example, featured shaped, cut, and embossed paper objects that were embedded in a framework story. However, Anne’s creative involvement with this material went far beyond her day-to-day work. She has completed an extremely delicate-looking, imaginative, and sophisticated collection of jewelry. I did lots of experiments with different papers before deciding on a special type explains Anne Franke. She created delicate blossoms and leaves, lined up on fine chains, feather-light, dancing like snowflakes: simple and yet exquisite, with artistic embossing and in a certain way opulent. It’s hard to describe these pieces in words – but not hard at all to imagine yourself wearing them. 

/Bettina Schulz, design journalist, Munich


For me, jewelry is a companion for unusual situations and outfits, because my jewelry is made of paper and should not lose the feel of the material: 

The white structure is perceived first. Only then does white detach from white, leaf from leaf, with a clear view of the structure, the architectural principle. An important moment: the almost floating lightness of the material, accompanying the wearer's movements, the occasional rustling reminiscent of leaves in the wind. Cheerful and playful or in orderly rows: the leaf shapes are layered, strung together, or knotted. In combination with delicate stainless steel wire and silver, the lightness of the paper is emphasized.

In some designs, the individual leaf shape takes center stage, while in others, the leaf shape itself becomes the basis for a new form through concatenation. Here, the conspicuous appears reserved, the natural abstract. Opulent simplicity, ordered chaos, or playful severity stand in delightful contradiction.

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