Published: 11.11.2020


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Jewellery that wants to become part of you in all senses of the word.
Megumi Jin and Nobuyuki Jin Megumi Jin and Nobuyuki Jin

Bubun is a jewelry making duo of Megumi and Nobuyuki JIN, based in Japan. Megumi Jin was born in 1983 in Kurashiki, Japan, studied glass craft at Tama Art University, in Tokyo. Nobuyuki Jin was born in 1978 in Yokohama, Japan, studied design at Tokyo University of the Arts, in Tokyo. They started making jewelry collaboratively under the name 'bubun' in 2016. They moved their studio to Yamanashi from Kanagawa in 2019 and continue to make contemporary pieces with their delicate handiwork.


The name "bubun" symbolizes our concern with the part, such as the detail of jewelry, jewelry on the body, and the body in the universe. It can also include both spiritual and temporal matters as memories and moments originated with jewelry. This means our name does not indicate one particular part but represents every single part that spreads from microcosm to macrocosm and from past to future. When the part attracts us is the moment that it expresses its beauty autonomously without sacrificing itself to entirety and acquires a larger-scale beauty by being harmonized with its surroundings. Similarly, it is mesmerizing when we discover one beauty after another by shifting our focus into smaller parts that constitute a larger prepossessing part. Our aim is to make works to initiate continual discoveries and acquisitions of beauty that arise in the middle of jumping from one part to another. We hope our piece of work becomes a part of you in all senses of the word.

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