Catherine Buddle

Published: 22.02.2023
Catherine Buddle Catherine Buddle


I have a background in the biological sciences, scientific illustration and graphic design. Each in its own way requires meticulous attention to detail and has influenced my art practice. I employ this precision to create organic forms that appear spontaneous, and represent the human psyche as an abstracted, mutable vessel.


Themes of nature and narrative are central to my work. I am fascinated by cellular structure, repetition and metamorphosis, and my work alludes to cocoons, containment and perfection: an outer shell presented to the world at large.

I create wearable sculptures with fine-gauge threads, each with their own labour-intensive history. I hold a pattern of sorts in mind when I start, and the work evolves as I progress, making it unique: in its form and its materials.

The threads in my collection are rare, precious and irreplaceable, and are the essence of my work. Each was made via a series of complex processes, by skilled artisans, before eventually coming into my hands.

I revere the finesse invested in the making of these threads, and bring the same precision to my work, mindfully stitching while contemplating who may be the next to appreciate their lustre, and the vessel I have created.

Making jewellery and objects is the means by which I satisfy my innate urge to create. While exploring interior issues, I strive to create objects of beauty that the viewer can relate to in some intuitive way.


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Exhibition  04 Feb 2023 - 12 Mar 2023  ICONIC The Carnival of Arts in Venice, Italy.

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Catalogue:  ICONIC The Carnival of Arts. Arte and Design Venice Cultural AssociationCalameo:  Venice,  2023