Chenni Sheng

Published: 28.11.2019
Chenni Sheng Chenni Sheng


Chenni Sheng is a jewellery designer and maker from China. She was trained in silversmith during her BA course of Fashion Accessory Design at Zhejiang Sci-Tech University. After graduating in 2017, she continued to study jewellery design and achieve MFA degree at Manchester School of Art in the UK. After being an intern for 6 months, now Chenni works in Klimt02 for website content and social media managing.
My works are mostly inspired by my own philosophy of life, how I get along with the world around me and the way of healing myself. In my recent works, I use the frame as a symbol to focus and freeze the scenery I met, to present an ordinary moment with extraordinary meaning. As Eugene Delacroix said: “Nature is a dictionary; one draws words from it”. There is everything we need in nature to create work, but everyone has a different idea to “write a book”. All the colours in my works come from the sky, a clear baby blue sky, a sunset at the train station, a sad cloud… they all represent my mood at those specific moments and became "my colours". We all have different emotional connections to the sky or nature. I would like to see how my works remind audiences of different memories and feelings, which is another type of communication between us. 

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Exhibition  04 Sep 2019 - 08 Sep 2019  Cluster Crafts - Jewellery Edition 2019.
The Old Truman Brewery, London, United Kingdom.
Fair  12 Jul 2019 - 14 Jul 2019  Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair.
Millennium Gallery, Sheffield, United Kingdom.