Cong Ma

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Published: 17.02.2023


Cong Ma received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Chinese Painting in Beijing and a Master’s degree in Metalsmith in New York. The influence of her knowledge in paintings, ceramics, and sculptures can often be seen in her metal works. Her recent innovation in combining paints and magnets into art jewelry pieces resulted in her award as a finalist in the Art Jewelry Forum Young Artist Award.


God is a Mathematician who creates everything by geometry. As art takes on many forms through many innovations, the fundamental forms still comprise geometric shapes. However, things are not wholly what they seem. In creating 3-dimensional shapes, I use complex mathematical calculations to find the angles of two intersecting bodies; A 90 degrees angle intersecting a slanted surface unfolded onto a 2-dimensional panel is no longer 90 degrees. Thus, by designing in between different dimensions, I realized human perception is naturally limited to understanding only a 3-dimensional cross-section of higher-level dimensions.

My exploration of geometry and higher dimensions inspired me to think about jewelry as a total-works-of-art in an existential way; Pins feel too restricting and forced upon me. However, programmed magnets are strong and can unlatch when rotated 180 degrees. Magnets add freedom and cohesiveness to the jewelry, implying an object’s multidimensional existence.
We always discuss the intimate relationship between jewelry and people. However, I want to let the jewelry be a self-standing work of art that can exist in multiple ways,
even without a wearer.


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Award  08 Mar 2023 - 12 Mar 2023  Talente. Masters of the Future 2023.
Exhibition  06 Jul 2022 - 10 Jul 2022  Gallery Platina at Frame 2022.