Daria Edström

Published: 07.12.2021

Daria Edström, based in Sweden, is studying at HDK-Valand Academy of Art and Design. Borders between body and wearable object is what lies in the core of her research. In her practice she works with different medium, starting from the ice and finishing with metal. She believes that jewellery art is a language that Daria Edström discovers by making jewellery. Daria’s main inspiration and starting point are her own feelings. She transforms emotions into objects.


Water is my main inspiration. I am fascinated by its texture and consistency; it attracts me endlessly. Water is mystique, multi-faceted. It contains unexplored dark creatures covered by an alluring and graceful surface.
It contains secrets; you can look into the water, but you can not really see what is happening on the bottom or what wonderful creatures are hidden there. Water attracts and scares at the same time. You can see reflection of reality on the water surface, but it is vague, not clear, and transient. It allows me to imagine and construct my own world. What is under the magnificent water surface, what does it conceal? It triggers my fantasy and I start imagining dangerous and wonderful unknown creatures living on the bottom that still are not discovered by scientists. How do they look like? What do they eat? How do they breathe, if they breathe? Are they peaceful or not?
I am exploring different medium and ways to transfer water surface, to process the feelings through the water, so jewelry start “talking” to the wearer and viewer. Each material I am working with is unique and it allows me to create and explore different shapes, volumes, structures, depths of the waves, movement of the water.


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Exhibition  15 Dec 2021 - 09 Jan 2022  The Gothenburg Museum of Art, Sweden “Parafras – Romantiken”.
Exhibition  06 Nov 2021 - 31 Dec 2021  Tincal lab Challenge 2021. Jewelry and Nature.
Award giving  28 Oct 2021 - 28 Oct 2021  Fio. Contemporary Jewellery Contest 2nd edition Winners.