Diego Saraiva

Published: 27.08.2021

Diego Saraiva de Souza graduated in Jewelry at IED in Rome and São Paulo. He is a regular listener in open classes in letters and philosophy at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome. As a compulsive traveler, collector of objects, and passionate about stories, he manages, in essence, to build jewel art in an unusual and authorial way.


With a keen eye and a particular taste, he has always mined coins, cutlery, stamps, banknotes, watches, lenses, glasses, gems, metals and other ancient rarities that he found around the world. Curious and talented to handle his treasure, he knew how to catalog them. Instead of keeping them safe, he gave them new life and converted them into new objects. The idea of bringing together several items in a single piece, perhaps by privileging all of them without exception, resulted in assembly jewels, the result of the meticulous choice and perfect fittings. Diego Saraiva's pieces are unique and come from his own experience.

My process is born with objects that were conceived not to be incorporated, but for a specific function, which would hardly be found without the intervention of the human hand. In a kind of disembodiment, this matter is stripped of its particularities but not of its history. Once assembled, are born unique lasting pieces, they resist the history of our bodies and ridicule our mortality, go far beyond our brief existence. In order to adorn bodies, tell stories and be a repository of memories that can and should be passed on.


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Meeting  03 Dec 2020 - 21 Dec 2020  Brazil Jewelry Week 2020.
Exhibition  22 Nov 2018 - 01 Dec 2018  Reflection: Necklaces. Contemporary Brazilian Jewelry in Lithuania.
Exhibition  24 Jul 2018 - 08 Aug 2018  Reflection: Necklaces. Contemporary Brazilian Jewelry.