Elisa Rosales Juega

Published: 08.04.2022


Elisa Rosales Juega is Spanish and completed her PhD. in Spanish Literature at Syracuse University, New York. After twenty years teaching at universities in the United States, Elisa moved to Buenos Aires, Argentina, bought a motorcycle and rode 65,000 km through eight South American countries. Upon returning to Buenos Aires Elisa studied jewelry making for three years with Jorge Castañon at his studio "La Nave." Elisa has exhibited her jewelry at the Coconino Center for the Arts, the University of Northern Arizona, the Flagstaff Mall in Flagstaff, Arizona, and at the Artist's Gallery in Williams, Arizona. In February 2021 Elisa moved her studio to Pinamar, Argentina.


Inspired by the lands and people of Latin America I created Overland Jewelry with deeply felt personal experiences and materials discovered during my motorcycle journeys throughout Latin America. Overland Jewelry reveals the simplicity of the minimalist life of a motorcycle overlander.

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Exhibition  27 Sep 2021 - 22 Oct 2021  And tomorrow the mirror will try to reflect yesterday's face.