Eva Skärlund

Published: 16.09.2020


Eva Skärlund lives and works in Linköping, Sweden. She has a jewellery education from Copenhagen Technical School, Denmark , a BFA in Craft and Design from Linköping University, Sweden and a MFA from Craft!/ädellab, Konstfack, Sweden. Currently Eva is working as a lecturer at Linköping University. Her jewellery is an ongoing exploration of craft as a communication tool where she questions todays unsustanible way of life.


My artistic practice is based on traditional goldsmith techniques combined with an experimental and exploratory approach. I am interested in jewellery and craft as a method for exploring and questioning our society. My projects often start in a commitment to the environment and moves in areas that concern environmental problems, heritage, and consequences. I am intrigued by difficult questions and what I do not understand, but at the same time I have a desire that what I design should be beautiful and attractive. This particular relationship appears many times in my work, in my way of visualizing. A magnificent necklace, a gorgeous ring, but upon closer examination, questions often arise. I hope that my jewellery art will be a worthwhile element in an ongoing discussion about the impossibility of our way of life.

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