Florence Jaquet

Published: 02.12.2021


Swiss artist Florence Jaquet, lives and works in Bienne, Switzerland. Alongside a career in Information Science, she has been exploring Textile Art with love and humour since 2007. She regularly participates in collective art exhibitions in Switzerland and abroad.
Organic materials whisper stories in the palms of my hands.
Before I start creating, the natural materials tell me stories that I carefully listen to. Bearing witness to these whispers, my works are imbued with organic poetry embodying both strength and vulnerability. It is this duality that sets my creations apart.
This organic poetry allows me to “make the unknown known”, as artist Georgia O’Keeffe so beautifully said. It is my way of transmitting these stories and embodying my vision of a contemporary world.
My predilection for jewelry as wearable art is an invitation to come into contact with the artwork. It allows a relationship, an interaction, a dialogue to form. Beyond the decorative, a piece of jewelry is a means to connect with oneself, with others and, ultimately with the universe.


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Exhibition  25 May 2016 - 26 Jun 2016  Adornment. The shape of wearable art.