Francesca Cecamore

Published: 15.06.2021

Narrative/conceptual jewelry is the artistic voice of this mixed media Italian artist, which gives expression to her view on human issues and their relationship with life, the whole spectrum of its events, and its end. According to the artist’s statement “making narrative/conceptual/art jewelry is to me about keeping all channels permanently open for stimuli to pass through in order to better dive into the inner world, grab raw ideas and cut them into creations whose facets other people can reflect in, thus also originating their own interpretation of the piece, also depending on their own experience”.


Even during her classical studies and while working as a lawyer until 2015, this self-taught artist always kept on with her artistic research/exploration, until she felt she could not hold her creative nature back any further, thus deciding to be true to herself and give expression to her inner vision. From that year on, she also attended workshops in metalsmithing, porcelain and ceramics (under Sandro Seccia, Amato Bontempo, Rita Miranda, Annalisa Guerri, Maria Gabriella Cardinali, Dario Oggiano, Elisabetta Di Bucchianico) to grow her technical skills. Four of her works (jewelry/small-scale sculpture/wall art) now belong to private collections in Pescara and Rome.

Newly out with her ‘c(H)oping’ series of pieces about the human ability to deal with/overcome major life challenges, on her bench now an upcoming corpus about grieving process through narrative jewelry creation with the use of personal/family found objects and processed/selected bits of inherited jewels. This recherche eventually also gave birth to a peculiar practice of creating one-of-a-kind bespoke jewels using objects-and-bits-of and suggestions provided by the commissioners themselves.

Also under development her ‘ꓤOOTS’ collection, in which 3d gold Italian folk tradition jewels turn into 2d porcelain/acrylic empowering pieces with a punk rock twist.