Frauke Famira

Published: 07.10.2020
Frauke Famira Frauke Famira


Frauke Famira was born in Neustadt, Germany. From 1972 to 1978, she studied graphic design and painting at Fachhochschule für Gestaltung, in Hamburg. After completing her studies, Famira went to Paris where she worked as a graphic designer in various fashion and design magazines as well as designing books for art publishers. On her strolls through parisian Marché aux Puces she developed a taste for early plastic objects and fashion jewelery and she started experimenting with recycled materials. In 2006, she went back to Cologne, in Germany, where she lives and works today. From 2011 to 2014 Famira ran the Gallery conversationsstuecke where, in addition to her own pieces, she also presented the work of various other designers. Today, she commissions a French manufacturer to produce collections of acetate jewellery pieces in small series.


My background of a graphic designer has an impact on my practise as a jewellery maker. Thus I partly see my work as an exercise and as a research for clear and coherent formal solutions. I wish to combine the concept of “form equals function” with the idea of jewellery as a fashionable piece of accessory. I seek to create attraction without adding ornament, just by reducing a formal idea to it’s simplest, basic structure. When I work with acetate, cuting and curving while using the inherent resistances and tensions of the material leads me to find three-dimensional ideas. I understand this approach as a path to former and larger exploration.

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