Fruzsi Fekete

Published: 29.07.2021


I obtained my Master’s Degree at the Jewelry and Metal Designer Making faculty of the Moholy-Nagy University of Art in 2018. During my university studies, I had the opportunity to spend a semester in Valencia (Spain) in 2016, in the framework of the ERASMUS scholarship. I broadened my knowledge in the Escola d’Art I Superior de Disseny de València (EASD) institute. As a result of my professional experience abroad, I explored a new aspect of contemporary jewelry design, I acquired new techniques, which I later could exploit while creating my own collection. Although my work sort of ties me to Budapest, I make most of my jewelry 50 kilometers from the city in a little village, in my home studio. This is the place where I can genuinely get lost in work, where I can experiment with ease and joy. 


For me, it is especially important that I create unique objects that truly bear the real mark of the creator – me. During my work, I usually use formable, soft materials; these materials are the most suitable for preserving the pure momenta of intuitive form design. These are the raw materials that help me express my creative attitude. To me, creative freedom is a playfulness at the same time: it means that by connecting to the material, I instinctively find the final form.
In my jewelry collections, I mostly reflect on the direct connection between the creator and the object, that is, the material; this notion appears in the pieces of the „Mistake on purpose” collection, where I embrace the moment of creation, the moment of making an intended mistake. I used unglazed and plastic porcelain, yellow brass covered with a special varnish, and stainless steel. During the creation of the „Mushrooms are never alone” collection, I started off from the processes of embroidery, something regarded as a typically feminine activity. The yarn design emerging as a result of embroidery models the gills of mushrooms. The collection was named after the naturally occurring fairy ring or fairy circle.

I examined the interaction of intentional and intuitive moments of creation in my masterwork; the collection named „Impressions” is made of polymer plaster and brass brooches, which is at the same time the imprint of the creative process. The pieces of my famous, fragile and elegant „Leaves” collection are also made of beeswax, using lost wax casting. There are no two identical pieces – these contemporary yet abiding works embody the timeless feminine beauty.


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Open call  11 Apr 2022 - 12 Jun 2022  Open call for Paradox. Budapest Jewelry Week 2022.
Exhibition  20 Dec 2021 - 11 Feb 2022  Until Death Do Us Part.
Exhibition  13 Nov 2021 - 31 Dec 2021  Tincallab Challenge 2021 Jewelry and Nature.
Exhibition  06 Nov 2021 - 31 Dec 2021  Tincal lab Challenge 2021. Jewelry and Nature.
Exhibition  28 Aug 2021 - 12 Sep 2021  Budapest Jewelry Week 2021.
Exhibition  20 Sep 2019 - 20 Oct 2019  Selected Artists at Art Jewelry Night Budapest 2019.
Exhibition  22 Sep 2018 - 31 Oct 2018  Collectiva Meeting.
Exhibition  20 Sep 2018 - 23 Sep 2018  Selected Artists at Art Jewelry Night Budapest Competition 2018.