Gislaine Ribeiro

Published: 25.06.2021
Gislaine Ribeiro Gislaine Ribeiro
Sao Paulo

Gislaine Ribeiro graduated in Visual Arts from Unicamp (State University of Campinas) and worked as a graphic designer in the corporate, editorial and artistic-cultural market for over 30 years. She has dedicated herself to artisanal jewelry since 2015; during this period she has received her training from schools such as ESPMIX, SENAI, Núcleo Joalheria, SESC, and from artists such as Chris Mazzotta, Miriam Pappalardo, Jorge Manilla, among others. Since then, she has sought, through continuous research, to improve her creations and develop a more artistic and contemporary language. She employs various materials, such as plastic, copper, brass, sterling silver, clay, paint, iron, resin, acrylic, steel, etc. Its brand is named GisRibeiro Joias since 2019.


I research botanical anatomy and some micro-beings. I admire those organic structures that display some sort of primitive features, and all of them come from the natural universe, with its great exuberance and constant transformation. They are the parts we do not see; making them visible intrigues me.

As a graphic designer, I spent most of my life geometrizing, stylizing shapes. For the past years, working in contemporary jewelry, I have been more interested in the shapes of nature, its textures and colors. Its continuous changes, its fluidity and some asymmetry reverberate in me as a call for a new creation.

A journey that begins with a particle, an apparently frail seed which drifts with the wind. It comes across other travelers and nestles in various beings – distinct or not. A ring of connections carrying the potential to face challenges in the natural silence. The movement suggests chaos, yet there is only the journey towards life.

About COLEÇÃO AVESSO (Brooch and necklace: LEITO AZUL)
On the journey that blood makes, it renews itself, nourishes us, and reconnects in a network of flows and capillary beds. On the journey that blood makes, blue is the reverse of red. On the journey that I made, the bed that lay was the reverse of the meaning.

About COLEÇÃO TUDO QUE CAI NO CHÃO (The things on the floor)
Things fell to the floor
No one noticed
No one grabed it
It did get no one’s attention
Time went by
People went by
Stumbling over
the things on the floor
And so everything went by
And the things on the floor
All those gifts once found
Sources of my inspiration

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