Hikari Yamaguchi

Published: 18.03.2021


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The artist creates objects with the accidental color reaction between metal plates and cloisonne.
Hikari Yamaguchi Hikari Yamaguchi

Born in Hokkaido, Japan, I studied metal and enamel at Musashino Art University. I aim to create a work that will allow people to realize the importance of our inherent senses and intuition, which are becoming duller in today’s information society as our lives and all kinds of technology continue to get enhanced.


My work focuses on the accidental color reaction between metals, mainly copper plates and cloisonne. Using a 0.3 mm thin copper plate as the canvas and enamel paint, I painted lines and dots that I thought of unconsciously. I felt an infinite number of possibilities in the natural colors obtained from oxidizing and reducing copper plates and in the vivid colors of enamel paint.

As we live in a world of mundane information and countless man-made structures, we are losing the astonishment, emotion, abundance of curiosity, and intuition for all kinds of things we had during our childhood. The feel and smell of soil we first touched and the fact that trees are big and warm—we should not forget to always bear a pure heart.

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