Iliana Tosheva

Published: 13.04.2023


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Iliana Tosheva Iliana Tosheva


Iliana Tosheva is a Bulgarian-born multi-disciplinary artist who lives and works in London, United Kingdom. After a long career as an interpreter, she developed a strong interest in contemporary and applied arts. Iliana currently splits her time between creating abstract paintings in oils and designing and creating both fine and mixed media contemporary jewellery.


Iliana Tosheva works in sterling silver, 18K golds, copper, and vitreous enamel. Her signature pieces are mostly created by either reticulation or manipulated copper mesh coated in layers of vitreous enamel. Nature-inspired, Iliana’s body of work is very raw and organic and is mimicking nature at its best.

As an artist and creator, I dislike staying the same size. What has inspired me over the years has always been a fleeting image of a less traditional shape, texture, or color that will take my breath away on a journey ‘back to nature’ no matter how trivial the cliché might sound! I like my sea mustard yellow, green and brown rather than blue and silver grey. I like my trees black even when they are not... I am known for my love of anything organic, both shape and texture-wise, and I have always been devoted to creating unique designs mimicking nature at its best!

I work in eco silver, recycled family gold, non-toxic bio-resin, and lead-free vitreous enamel. My work is very minimalist and elegant and would perfectly complete and glam up any outfit - from everyday to special occasions, from romantic to urban chic, and from tribal or cool to a more exquisite and sophisticated look!

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