Javier Úbeda

Published: 25.04.2024


Javier Úbeda began very early to enter the world of artistic expression. Without knowing the goal or the path, at the age of eight, he was already planting a series of objects rejected by the industry in the furrows of the earth, such as car doors, chairs, irons, wooden doors and old furniture. The result of continuous observation of the agricultural world. It is from here, from the aesthetic search where others only see waste when the investigation of materials begins. With the experience lived in this childhood game, Javier Úbeda discovers that there is what he calls 'the block', regardless of the material it is, and that by extracting the parts that are left over from it, the underlying shape becomes visible inside that block. 'block'. He works with materials such as bronze and iron, since having this idea of ​​the 'block' so present, 'prevents me from being able to model with clay or any other similar material'.


The Inner Worlds
An inner world is the manifestation of personal criteria. In the course of a person's life, a thousand things happen, you have a thousand conditions that have to be passed through your personal criteria and for this, the first thing you have to distance yourself and accept what has happened to you is embodied in the straight line and what wants to be embodied in the curve.

The feeling that working on the inner world produces in me is a taste of life, communicating with it, life in short. I work the curve because it is what is most similar to the organic, both to the human body and that is how I visualize thoughts, my work is fundamentally curved, since it has neither beginning nor end, the circle is the perfect shape. Everything your retina has memorized is framed in the external rectitude of my works. There is no author who is born from scratch, whoever presumes otherwise is delusional.

The process of creating the inner world starts from an existence that is the block framed by rectitude, which represents the historical moment in which you were born, your family, your education... all the conditioning factors that have marked you and formed throughout your life and that are immovable and you cannot change; marking your self in an obvious way, without this, it means that you cannot modify what you are today, but it has a continuous evolution within you, a learning, an unlearning, a doing... these are the steps, the curves, the concave, the convex that configure what the internal piece is.

The inner worlds are basically, searches for a point of light, from the experience of being clinically dead, which I lived at the early age of 14 years old, without looking for it, it left a mark on me for life, when I went through the tunnel with the light in the end, in the end, which is nothing more than a communication route from one state to another, and what I always look for when making holes are steps, they are communication routes, which is why they are hardly straight, since at the same time which is oval in shape, also have internal search curves, to see the back, to see what is there, almost forcing the viewer to turn their head and have to get closer to the piece if they want to discover what the artwork hides. misnamed back.

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