Kayla Lim

Published: 12.05.2021

Kayla Lim is a Canadian contemporary jewellery artist based in Toronto. She obtained her bachelor degree in Fashion Design from South Korea, and she continued her passion for design in Jewellery and graduated from George Brown College Jewellery Art Program in 2017. Kayla’s work focuses on creating movement and contrast by mixing different materials and colours, and she strongly believes in the power of infinite possibilities by combining traditional ways of making with new technology.
My pieces are often mixed in traditional skills and new technology, mixing precious metals and new media. As much as I am enjoying adopting new technology, I still believe in the importance of tradition. 
In the "Angle" series, I focused on explaining myself as an immigrant living in Canada. I have often asked myself the same question while living in Canada for the last decade. "Where do I belong?" From experiencing different perspectives and through sharing different cultures with the people I have met, I was able to find my place and identity, not only as an individual but also as an artist. I wanted to share my experience with you in this series by using different angles and moving parts, representing the body's flow and movement in different colours and materials. 
May I suggest to you all, "Pick a new angle to look at things and follow your own rhythm!”

Last year, the world has changed immensely and so as my approach to design and making had to change. "Spontaneous" collection is made without ideation, prototyping, and plans, which were the most important part of my design process. I just wanted to enjoy creating time with what I have and the best I can and went with the flow. I started my design by grabbing a silver plate and saw it out as the shape I wanted at the moment. These rings turned out to be bold, colourful, and playful, and I think that's what I am hoping to see in this current world with limited accessibility in everything. I hope this collection brings you a little joy and dream as much as it did to me. 


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