Kinga Huber

Published: 02.12.2020


Kinga Huber is a Hungarian born designer and artist. Living and working between Hungary and the UK. With a curious mind, growing up immersed in art and literature, surrounded by nature. This later gave narrative to her work drawing strong emotional ties and connections, triggered by these memories. Tactility is also fundamental to her pieces, incorporating unexpected mediums and playful form.
About work Blood
One drop of blue/or a grain of sand got into the machinery The blood is not only important for us from a biological point of view but also takes part in literature, moving pictures and fine arts. We visualize life, vim, vitality, mobility, courage, temperament, through the blood. We are searching for the answer to our otherness in the blood (blue blooded-noble, hot-blooded, cold-blooded, etc.). The blood works as a complex organization - even social -, the faulty or considered faulty cells are extruded from the others. 

About series Senseless Roles
My pieces reflect on the chosen or given roles of women. Lip jewellery and finger jewellery - which can not be worn in any usual way - fulfil the
functions of traditional jewellery while being barriers, hindering one’s free actions. Just like an ornamental burqa, or gold plated cuffs, which express the privileges as well as the subservience and dependence of its wearer.

About work Saved Second
We say goodbye to plastic drinking straws because single-use plastic straws are not environmentally sustainable. But we all may remember when we have cut the end of a straw 1/2 - 3/4 inch down, in four places and splayed the ends for blowing bubbles. So I have created one of my favorite toys from my childhood. I have made the straw from 925 Sterling Silver and the bubble by using a 3D printer, so through modern technique, I would be able to produce "soap bubbles" in series almost like the plastic straws which were mass-produced. The bubble is printed from PLA, because it is an environment-friendly plastic and fast degradable, similarly to the short life of a real soap bubble. I have intentionally chosen a middle priced printer and not a top-quality one. These printers started to spread in the housekeeping for makes toys and articles for personal use. That's why the surface of the bubble is striped. The chain flows out from the straw similarly to the rest of the soapsuds from the plastic straw during the game. With this chain the object becomes wearable, thus we can save and wear this beautiful memory.

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Fair  28 May 2022 - 29 May 2022  Autor 2022, International Contemporary Jewelry Fair.
Fair  10 Nov 2020 - 15 Nov 2020  Athens Jewelry Week 2020.
Exhibition  20 Sep 2019 - 20 Oct 2019  Selected Artists at Art Jewelry Night Budapest 2019.
Exhibition  20 Sep 2018 - 23 Sep 2018  Selected Artists at Art Jewelry Night Budapest Competition 2018.
Exhibition  22 Sep 2016 - 22 Oct 2016  4 x 4.
Fair  11 Mar 2015 - 17 Mar 2015  Schmuck 2015.
Fair  12 Mar 2014 - 18 Mar 2014  Schmuck 2014.
Fair  06 Mar 2013 - 12 Mar 2013  Schmuck 2013.
Exhibition  07 Dec 2012 - 08 Jan 2013  High Light | Csúcs Dísz.
Exhibition  24 May 2012 - 24 Jun 2012  Blooming Art.
Exhibition  30 Sep 2011 - 18 Oct 2011  Colourful fables - Fabulous colours.